The boardwalk spans about 300 feet and passes through the Lecture Theatre continuing 350ft through the mangroves. Our boardwalk is another route to our private beach and an option for guests that do not wish to kayak. You will experience the mangroves from an entirely different vantage point (up close and personal indeed) on the boardwalk as you take a stroll amidst the prop roots and towering branches. Our lagoon is one of the most unique of its kind amongst the islands and is the home to five watercourse and four mangroves tunnels. It is also home to the white and black mullet and the ever popular tarpon. The lagoon tour lasts about 20 minutes and is as memorable as it is relaxing. After doing the kayaking or boardwalk, you have the option to hike up to Goat Head Hill. Getting to Goat Head Hill, requires you to complete the kayaking through the lagoon or you may walk across the boardwalk. The hike is about 20 minutes long and a panoramic view of our neighboring island as well as a fabulous view of the south side of the island. It is an excellent spot for taking photographs. You are encouraged to wear suitable shoes for this activity. The breath-taking view awaits you!

Cost: US $25.00

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Preparing for Socoho Tours

At South Coast Horizons we value the comfort and safety of our visitors. The following tips are advised to assist you in preparing for our tours:

    • Wear suitable clothing/ gear for the tour
    • Walk with your swim suit, a change of clothing and a towel
    • Bring your Sunblock and insect repellant
    • Wear covered , non slip ,comfortable walking shoes for the hike( sneakers, tennis, boots)
  • Wear beach shoes if so desired


Lunch may be provided at an additional cost and arrangements must be made in advance of your tour time. Enjoy our sumptuous Caribbean cuisine – mouth watering baked chicken, steamed vegetables, Caribbean styled rice and garden fresh salad served up with a smile.

Cost: US $10.00

***Please note: Kayaking and Snorkeling gear will be provided by South Coast. Water is also provided on the tour.

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