On this tour you will see an exciting array of palm trees and cacti. Our Palm Tree Garden consists of fifteen hundred palm trees. Following the Garden Tour is the Pyramid Park. The Pyramid Park is a popular spot for relaxation and you will receive a detailed description of the three kings under sentry guard in this stunning garden setting. This image is derived from the bible story of the birth of Jesus. This tour will appeal to nature lovers, explorers and those interested in historic attractions.

Cost: US $13.00

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Preparing for Socoho Tours

At South Coast Horizons we value the comfort and safety of our visitors. The following tips are advised to assist you in preparing for our tours:

  • Wear suitable clothing/ gear for the tour
  • Walk with your swim suit, a change of clothing and a towel
  • Bring your Sunblock and insect repellant
  • Wear covered , non slip ,comfortable walking shoes for the hike( sneakers, tennis, boots)
  • Wear beach shoes if so desired


Lunch may be provided at an additional cost and arrangements must be made in advance of your tour time. Enjoy our sumptuous Caribbean cuisine – mouth watering baked chicken, steamed vegetables, Caribbean styled rice and garden fresh salad served up with a smile.

Cost: US $10.00

***Please note: Kayaking and Snorkeling gear will be provided by South Coast. Water is also provided on the tour.

Call us today to book your tour: 1-268-562-4074 or 1-268-464-4075 

or E-mail: admin@southcoasthorizons.com

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